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Low-Carbon Solutions for Businesses

Business Intelligence for
the Clean Economy

Acuicy gives managers the tailored, data-driven insights they
need to identify and deploy the most capital efficient
low-carbon solutions for their company.


Simplify Decision Making

Acuicy leverages the power of business intelligence, climate science, and economics to provide effective decarbonization strategies.

Delivers custom business cases with ROI calculated for various strategies.

Fast and cost-efficient.

Business Meeting

The Problem: Part 1

We need a way to scale low-carbon solutions for medium and large businesses if we are going to avoid
runaway climate change.

Climate change is quickly destabilizing the biosphere and leading to environmental catastrophes of an unprecedented scale.

Most of the carbon-cutting focus is on corporate emitters, who will require smaller businesses in their supply chains to reduce emissions.

Governments around the world have enacted Net Zero targets and are tightening regulations for emissions from the business sector.

There are over 26,000 medium & large businesses in Canada alone, responsible for over 70% of national GHG emissions. 


The Problem: Part 2

Most businesses find it hard to find, select and deploy the right low-carbon solutions. One tool to analyse all options does not exist.
Confused by the choices
  • Rooftop solar?

  • Energy efficient manufacturing?

  • EV fleet?

  • Zero-waste operations?

Lack the right data and time to build a solid business case
  • Upfront cost?

  • Availability of grants and rebates?

  • Payback and ROI?

  • Total carbon reduction?

  • How to find suppliers?

  • How to install and run?

Can’t afford experts to point the way 
  • Cost-constrained

  • Decisions delayed

  • Unable to unlock long-term savings and access to capital

  • Can’t reduce emissions


How does Acuicy Work?


Easy to use interface for all users, who are prompted to enter  accessible data about their business, including industry, type and size of operations, energy use, etc.


Proprietary algorithm calculates the most capital-efficient opportunities for the business to reduce their carbon emissions and generates a costed business case for easy-to-understand decision making for users.


When the business is ready to move forward, Acuicy support  implementation, including info on local suppliers and install services, easily obtain quotes and project management support.


Includes current federal and provincial government rebates and incentives in cost estimates.

Meet The Acuicy Team

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Allison Murray
Co-Founder and CEO

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Sustainability Leader. 
Solutions Finder. Team Builder.

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Dawne Skinner
Co-Founder and CIO

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Analytics Aficionado. Circular Economy Leader.
Animal Protector.


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Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada


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