Take the financial guesswork out of
cutting carbon

Want to know how to reduce carbon in your business and
how it will impact your bottom line?

Acuicy’s proprietary AI combined with deep industry data
delivers tailored low-carbon options along with
the financial ROI of carbon reduction.


AI + industry data = customized
low-carbon solutions

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Speak CFO language and build your decarb plan

Receive over 30 low-carbon options tailored to your company’s specific operations. Quickly see the upfront CapEx, costs, emissions savings and ROI potential for each option.

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Unlock early wins and long-term reductions

Many of our low-carbon options deliver ROI within months so you can get started right away. Plan your long-term budget with deeper emissions and cost reductions over time.

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Save time and get to yes faster

Graphs and charts made for you, ready for strategic plans and budget presentations. Easily share customized data insights of your Scope 1 & 2 emissions and decarb pathways.

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how is acuicy different?

Easy, affordable access to the financial ROI of carbon reduction

To really reduce carbon emissions, you need to know your options and what they cost.
The first (and often biggest) hurdle to cut carbon is getting budget approval. Knowing your carbon footprint is only the first step. You need the right options for your business along with the cost and ROI.
Build your decarb strategy with the right data and insights that keep you informed.
Every business is different. That’s why your strategy to cut carbon needs customized data that reflects your actual operations. As your business changes, you need data that quickly adapts and gives you new options to reduce emissions.
Don’t wait months for answers. Your customers and investors need your plan today.
Cut your research and analysis time down from months to minutes with immediate access to your results. We make it easy to enter information about your buildings, fleet and operations.
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